• Out of the Plains

    Out of the Plains

    “Más Allá de las Praderas”
    A feature film shot in Kansas.

  • I Came To Game

    I Came To Game

    A documentary on Magic: The Gathering.

  • Second Lives

    Second Lives

    An undercover officer becomes the person he is pretending to be.

  • Help Your Self

    Help Your Self

    A misguided salesman loses himself in the world of self-help.

  • Between Games

    Between Games

    A gamer finds a new obsession between games.

  • Apart


    Lying awake in bed, awaiting the morning. Everything falls into place.

  • Stillness


    Three lives are caught in time.

  • Watch


    A man tries to find himself by losing time.

  • Winter


    A woman is caught between the green world and the closed world.